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Originally Posted by rumpelstilzchen View Post
No, I won't put you on ignore however I won't be responding to you directly after this post.

I don't expect that at all.
If you get off just making comments on the quality of other posters' posts, enjoy it.

Unlike kitty heaven, eh?
Wooooooo your words cut me up Jargon Buster Im in floods of tears and my head is boiling hot. Saying that, when losing an argument on TPUC to feel the need to talk about a kitty heaven after my 16 year old cat had just died so as to cause upset was pretty darn low but its in the past.

Ignore me if you could never really handle someone challenging your logic. Oh that reminds me, I have saved PM's from you on TPUC that talks about your agenda here...will I screen shot them for you and give you them here?

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