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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I doubt if anything is as good as viagra ... if herbs worked as well , they would have extracted the active ingredient a long time ago, and sold it as a pill ....

I'm very wary of all medication use none of it ...except viagra ... I snap a pill in half , and only use half each time ....

Beware the pharmaceutical companies have spiked it !!!

I heard the following piece of information from a health practitioner expert (on the Alex jones show I think) ...

"The blue plastic coating on the pill contains phthalates (a chemical) which over time will reduce sex drive"

No way of verifying this information , but it's quite easy to remove this blue plastic film covering the pill , with a craft knife....which I do every time ....

That's horrible, OZ. I don't know if if HGW will cure ED, but definitely for healthy, horny people amps up sex drive to even greater heights. I'd say ditch the pharmaceuticals and try it.

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