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They are well practiced to focusing the mass attention. Don't give up, the lie is different on every level. Tear the crap they hand us apart, vet it hard, expose it. Work until no one believes the story anymore.

History has been screwed on main street. Origins are hidden. The piece of wall that came down in the pyramids that show a tank, space ship, submarine, helicopter, what else is on that wall? The secret spaces in the grand canyon hold something of historic value. It would not be kept as a secret if it did not. Deep underground military bases have been produced to make secret science that has been hidden half a century. Considering what could be on the wall in the pyramid dark people could be dolling out tech from a previous civilization and keeping us in slavery while they do it. I say we x-ray that wall and take a picture of the newer surface and subtract the lines from the surface picture and read it. Easy to do with computers to resize the x-ray to match the picture. Everything you find with a high security clearance is a lie if the civilian world got a hold of it. Here is a solid proof, they still want every leak plugged, leaks like Gary McKinnon and Julian Assange. Listen to who they do not want you to hear.
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