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Arrow Horror movies and society/ A few of my faves.

I have been a movie buff for years and horror, one of my fave genres. I don't think theres anything better than snuggling up with a loved one in the dark and being scared silly!!

People watch horror movies for the thrill, the rush of adrenaline and to spur on the protagonist. The horror genre is probably the most sub divided of all genres. Slashers, Zombies, Supernatural, Gore, apocalyptic, the list goes on.

We all know that hollywood place subliminal and conditioning messages in most of their movies, horror is no acception to this rule. I think we all need to take a back step a little though and stop looking too much into symbolism/messages in movies. It's like anything, if you think about something too much and look for it you will find it.

Movies are purely for entertainment purposes no matter which genre. I have watched horror for years, I still do. I have no psychological issues, do not want to go out and kill animals, adults or kids. In fact I am probably one of the least violent people you will ever meet.

IMHO kids shouldn't be watching horror movies at such an impressionable age and I do not agree with the USA rating system. In the UK we have 12,15 and 18 rated movies and you have to be of age to gain admittance to the cinema. Non of this NC-17 nonsense when you can be accompanied by an adult. We are also given subject or content warnings where you can make an informed decision whether to watch the movie or not. If it contains subject matter that will offend then DON'T BLOODY WATCH IT!! Common sense really.

When horror movies were shown on TV in the UK they were heavily censored in the 80's and 90's just in-case minors stumbled across them when they shouldn't etc. I for the above reasons used to love watching horror as a kid. If I was told I couldn't do something, i wanted to do it even more (human nature I suppose?)

I do agree with some posters on here, horror is getting very in your face over the last few years. What used to by 18 rated is now 15 rated etc, we ARE becoming de-sensitised to what we see on screen so it is only natural the film makers will need to push the boundries for shock value.

I am more into supernatural and psychological horror that leaves a lot to the imagination. Scariest films I have seen??

The Exorcist, Amytiville 1&2, The Descent, The Haunting (1950s version) NOES original, Halloween (70's), The Thing (1984) The Evil Dead (1983) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Sinister (2012) Switchblade Romance aka Haute Tension (2008) Inside aka L'Interieur (2009) Silence of the Lambs (1996)
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