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The violence in horror movies is beyond sick now days. I am 29 and I wonder what it will be like 20 years down the road.
I think the first real gore movie I watched was Hostel. That movie has stayed with me ever since, it was so real and was based to an extent on true events. I am sure there are murder clubs in the world. The gore was sick.I can not watch stuff like that.
I enjoy older horror movies like the usual Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street etc. They were good but not extreme like now days.
I own a few extreme horror movies in my collection. Cannibal Holocaust, A Serbian Film ( which I can not watch at all , beyond sick ) and a few others that were banned.
I actually avoid watching these types of movies and just focus on comedies and such. To much negative and evil in the world to sit and watch more for fun.
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