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Arrow 772=16

UTA Flight 772 of the French airline Union de Transports Aériens was a scheduled flight operating from Brazzaville in the People's Republic of the Congo, via N'Djamena in Chad, to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris..On Tuesday, 19 September 1989 the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft registered N54629 took off from N'Djamena International Airport at 13:13.. Forty-6 minutes later, at its cruising altitude of 10,700 metres (35,100 ft), a bomb explosion caused UTA Flight 772 to break up over the Sahara Desert 450 km east of Agadez in the southern Ténéré of Niger (map location incorrect, coordinates are correct). All 156 passengers and 14 crew members died.. It is the deadliest aviation incident to occur in Niger and the 4th-deadliest involving a DC-10, after Air New Zealand Flight 901, American Airlines Flight 191, and Turkish Airlines Flight 981...

The aircraft, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, registration N54629, serial number 46852, was manufactured in 1973.. The 125th DC-10 off of the production line, the airframe had accumulated 60,276 flight hours over 14,777 flight cycles (a flight cycle is equal to a take-off and a landing) at the time of its hull loss..On the flight deck were Captain Georges Raveneau, as instructor; First Officer Jean-Pierre Hennequin in training; safety pilot Michel Crézé; and Flight Engineer Alain Bricout. In the cabin were Pursers Jean-Pierre Baschung and Michele Vasseur, along with Flight Attendants Alain Blanc, Laurence de Boery-Penon, Martine Brette, Anne Claisse, Nicole Deblicker, Ethery Lenoble, Gael Lugagne, Veronique Marella, Jean-Pierre Mauboussin..The victims came from 18 different countries, the majority being French or Congolese nationals: 54 French, 48 nationals of People's Republic of Congo, 25 Chadians, 9 Italians, 7 Americans, 5 Cameroonians, 4 Britons, 3 nationals of Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo), 3 Canadians, 2 Central Africans, 2 Malians, 2 Swiss, 1 Algerian, 1 Bolivian, 1 Belgian, 1 Greek, 1 Moroccan and 1 Senegalese..After the plane was bombed, Leonardo Leonardi, a spokesperson for the Italian Embassy in Paris, said that the embassy believed that 6 Italians were on the flight.. A spokesperson of the Friars Minor Capuchin religious order said that two members of the order were on board the aircraft..

An investigation commission of the International Civil Aviation Organization determined that a bomb placed in a container in location 13-R in the forward cargo hold caused the destruction of the aircraft. The commission suggested that the most plausible hypothesis was for the bomb to have been inside the baggage loaded at Brazzaville airport. Initial speculation over which groups might have been responsible for destroying UTA Flight 772 centered upon Islamic Jihad, who were quick to claim responsibility for the attack, and the "Secret Chadian Resistance" rebel group, which opposed president Hissen Habré..5 years previously, on 10 March 1984, a bomb destroyed another UTA aircraft from Brazzaville shortly after the DC-8 had landed at N'Djamena airport. There were no fatalities on that occasion and those responsible were never identified..

The Catholic Church calls for removal of the Carmelite convent located near the former Auschwitz concentration camp, whose presence had offended some Jewish leaders-Burkinabé ministers Jean-Baptiste Boukary Lingani and Henri Zongo executed following their arrest the previous day..

22 – Deal barracks bombing: The IRA bomb the Royal Marine School of Music in Deal, Kent killing 11 soldiers..and 22 injured..

23 – A cease-fire in the Lebanese Civil War stops the violence that had killed 900 people since March \ 26 – Vietnam announces that it has withdrawn the last of its troops from the State of Cambodia, ending an 11-year occupation...

29 – House prices in London have fallen by 3.8% since May, and are now 16% lower than they were at the height of the property boom last year..

30 -Nearly 7,000 East Germans who had come to Prague on special refugee trains are allowed to leave for the West-The Senegambia Confederation is dissolved over border disagreements..., this is Cab Three, starting our descent along the umbilical.. Hippy, you think everything is a conspiracy..Everything is..It's not easy being a cast-iron bitch...

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