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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Noones waking up to this, and if there are then they are very few and far between. I know and have known people over the years who are aware of the autism condition and they'll just laugh off the suggestion that there's any conspiracy linking vaccines to autism. They simply don't want to hear things that you've read or heard about on the internet. People just have a very narrow minded view of things thinking that because they haven't heard about in their autistic community, on the news, from their local health authority, etc, then they assume it to be nonsense..
most people aren't interested in what is true

most people want a story that makes them feel good about themselves

the government told them a story about vaccines where the vaccines cure the world of terrible illnesses. it was a nice story and people liked the sound of it

we are trying to tell people another story. We are trying to tell people that the government don't care about them and that the vaccines are toxic. Its a horrible story and people don't want to buy into it

you can give people all the information in the world and you can appeal to their reason as much as you like but its the story they have to buy into

the dark magicians are very good at fooling people with stories. They'll hand you an apple and call it a gift making you feel special to receive it only to find its poisoned once you bite into it

But you try and tell people the truth that the apple is poisoned and they'll hate you for raining on their parade. That's why most people go along to get along so that they don't have to take all the abuse. you have to be very determined to fly in the face of it. A parent who has seen the vaccines make their child autistic can develop that sort of determination and that's what we are seeing in the vaxxed films: people who don't buy the story anymore
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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