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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
The dirty secret about vaccines that they don't want anyone to talk about is that your body creates a separate immune response to each and every ingredient in the vaccine. These can have all manner of unintended consequences, some that might not show up for years, such as peanut allergies after getting a vaccine that contains peanut oil. This happens because it is wholly physiologically unnatural for us to take things in directly into our blood stream. Not even viruses usually enter that way, and when it happens it's like our immune system goes on full scale shock and awe, the end result being massive areas of inflammation all over our body. Inflammation is the root of almost every chronic disease.

Thats similar to my thinking of the "can of Tuna" standard cut and paste response when you bring up mercury/Thimerosal with an MD or such like.

The Mercury containing Tuna enters via your stomach and not directly into your flesh instead.
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