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Originally Posted by snowleopard View Post
What if all these events like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Charlottesville etc. are all part of a global experiment on human behavior?

Create a hoax, give people different versions of what happened and see who believes what. Collect the data. Create more elaborate hoaxes. Collect the data.

Maybe we're all lab rats.
Lab rats? No we are a herd. We have a narrow frequency band in which we can "see" things. We are not needing a missing link that connects us directly to primates -- there is none. We are not primates. What we call Bigfoot are the Neanderthals that still exist and live in the forests that cover 55% of this Earth. They are protected in the sense that anyone who sees one is ridiculed, and even though we have documented proof of them, it is denied and hidden. They are the earth "people" but they would not respond to the idea of being enslaved by whatever ultimately created us.

So they made us, and the Neanderthals who never went extinct were driven out of our living areas and they avoid us like the plague and carry on with their lives fully undetected for the most part, but I'm sure their goings on are monitored somewhere.

The "greys" are the minions of our creators. We are "abducted" we are probed, tagged, bred... happens all the time. Too many people have had the experience for it to be "nothing". The DUMBS and military bases, and the restricted areas in this world which we are not allowed access to are where things we don't believe exist actually live. They have a higher frequency range than we do and that is by design so they can come and go from our range of perception when they want to. They occupy what we don't see in our multiverse. No longer one, or uni verse, we are experiencing the multiverse.

They have interfered with what we do, and one of the nicest things they did was dismantle the nuclear program. Apparently nuclear detonation doesn't only affect our frequency or reality, it spills over to other realities and they were having none of that. But that was about them, not us. Some of them like us, and feel for us, some of them see us as what we are, just a slave race, easily trained, good to eat, good for procuring resources, good for building things.... They like to eat our young the way some folks like veal. Hence where a LOT of the missing children go.... and people in general. We're also a food supply....

The Royal Family are the hybrid descendants and that's why they inbreed, apparently have no empathy, and are so goddamn bloodthirsty. It has recently been said that the Royal Family are a sub type of humanity, but say it's because of all the inbreeding. Bottom line, it's official, they have a different genome than most of humanity does.

They allow these crappy descendants of theirs to rule us, and allow them to treat us as they will. They only get involved when they have to, but their minions also do a lot of the work in that regard. This explains why some "people" can be so cruel when launching war, trafficking in children and what tat entails, starving people through sanctions..... These are not people, these are not representatives of real humanity.

We are coming alive in this multiverse despite their best efforts. They will show themselves soon enough, and they are banking on the fear and chaos to get them through. It isn't an alien invasion, it's our creators coming back into the open as they used to be in Ancient times -- hence the cave drawings of big snake people interacting with us. They have no choice. If we all change our minds, we can get rid of them too. They don't have strength in numbers, they have technology and years of manipulating us on their side, but for all the effort they put into it, they must be a little apprehensive about us finally waking all the way up and taking this back for ourselves. We don't need parasites feeding off of us and our kids anymore, or their descendants who don't give a shit and feel some privilege because they are genetic freaks.

This is why someone is bent on keeping humanity divided. We would be united against an "alien threat" as old Ronnie Raygun once suggested. They've been planning to expose themselves to us for a while now.

The OP.... But I agree, they are trying to find out who sees what, what they did wrong with the last hoax, etc. These aren't just random, thrown together events. There is organization and there is an agenda.
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