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Originally Posted by bendoon View Post
The people who are building a hell for us are the people who are defending the Government and big business mass importation of cheap labour. They get richer and we all get poorer and eventually when the whole country collapses they can go and live it up with Branson on his private Island, the internet Blair disciples won't be invited, you will have to fight for your life with the rest of us.
Iv'e never been able to stand politicians and politics. I think Tony Blair is one of the most dislikeable rats in politics. Iv'e always thought the conservatives and labour party are wankers along with the liberal democrats. The hell will be when a race war starts because of paranoid neo nazis being hostile to people from foreign lands, and the offended party start being hostile back. The neo nazis will create what they are fear mongering about.

What we should be doing is finding a unity with all the people that come to the UK (or anywhere), because we are all in the same boat and share the same enemy. That is what the state does not want. They do not want us united.

Divide and conquer, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. When will we ever learn?

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