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My worry with some of the stuff we've been talking about lately on the forum regarding Muslims, is that people are buying into fear mongering that has been put out there directly or indirectly by the state. I don't like to see people having their string pulled by the puppet masters and I know every one has the potential to be pulling their own strings. Subconsciously I can see and feel what the state is trying to do. They tell us not to be racist, while directing our minds to be racist through long term and carefully thought out propaganda (mainstream and internet).

To me the racist organizations like the english defence league or whatever the national front call themselves are just another tentacle of the state octopus. They are pushing a government agenda. Especially now with the state of things people should have their own unique agenda and should follow no guru. Everyone should be their own guru.

The state attacks us by putting fears into us which keeps us subdued and divided. If we don't buy into the fear, they have lost their greatest weapon against us.

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