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Originally Posted by georggearless View Post
Possibly that would be the way to think. But it realy doesn't change anything in the genealogy.

Queen Elisabeth is still a direct decendant from Charlemagne. And so am I. Well, at least according to that website I posted originaly.

Yet David Icke delivers the information about queen Elisabeth as if there is some sinister plan at work. A sick kind of husbandry, if you will. The problem I have with this, is that it doesn't matter who he points his finger at. Be it the queen, president Bush, chancelor Merkel.....or me. We are all direct decendants of Charlemagne.

You can safely point your finger at anyone you suspect of being an illuminati insider and say "look, their ancestry goes waaaaay back to ancient times. This proves that they are part of a breeding program".

My point is that it proves nothing of the sort. If it did, I would be an illuminati insider too. We all would.
If you read ickes work he talks about concentrations of reptillian DNA which they must manage to maintain successful hybridisation

So they are selective about who they breed with

For example Princess Diana said she was the royals 'brood mare' used to breed offspring

If you go into theosophical teachings they speak of the '7 root races'

Hitler and his gang were very much into all that race stuff and saw themselves as they aryan root race

Many israelis also are obsessed with race and are seeking as jewish supremicists to create a jew only state

The Nation of Islam was a black supremicist group who were against racial mixing

So there are supremicist groups of all hues obsessed with race

Icke speaks about how the illuminati bloodlines trace themselves back to Babylon

This idea of racial cohesion gives their group a cohesion. They are an intermarried mafia of bloodlines and interlocked business interests

Burke's peerages has traced how all US presidents are blood relations of the british monarchy
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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