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I didn't mean it as a significant difference despite the capitals.
I would guess a lot of us can be traced back to a bastard child of wealthy land owners or perhaps even royalty, but I would expect the majority have been alongside these fortuned bloodlines.
It's a shame that all of our bloodlines didn't have the will, means, or thoughts of self worth to have kept a record of our ancestry, perhaps it's that our ancestors weren't able to read or write to keep such a record, or were killed in battle before updating/passing on such a record to our children. Those children may have ended up in orphanages and lost all history of their bloodline.
I certainly don't see the royals or anyone else for that matter being any better for being able to show some painted portraits or claims of being descended from someone who sat on a horse on a hill while our ancestors dies for their claim to land they now own.
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