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I am half way through reading Ralph Rene's book, " NASA Mooned America ". The author is no longer with us, he apparently decided to commit sideways by hanging himself.
One of the first anomolies he points out is that the footprints in the Moon surface is just not possible. Dry powder will not show any shoe/boot patterns and yet there they are in the photo's. ( He states that this is easily proved simply by walking on dry sand at the beach and then in the wet sand i.e dry no pattern, wet shows pattern ).
He also states that the Moon day is much longer than on earth and this makes a joke of what NASA try to fool us with such as heat and cold.
As stated I'm only half way through but I will say he certainly makes a mockery of NASA.
The Nameless War. The book they said would never be written.
It's a small book, but it says so much!

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