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I had to just go back and read the OP as i had forgotton what i came on here to say! lol

I find it funny when people talk to me about conflicts and find that i am not gung ho and all for getting over there and teaching people lessons. While we are attacking Iraq 'because of its eveil Dictator' then why not take swipe at North Korea? At least they can be guaranteed to have WMDs. Maybe they are too strong? Ok, Zimbabwe, there are ex pats there so it could be considered another Falklands?

No, we all know that Iraq was for reasons other then 'Regime change' so then if you are wondering why i went that is simple. I joined the Army and took a wage when things were easy. Is it moral of me to watch my friends put their life on the line while i stay back? No. I agree i could have left afterwards? Perhaps that is why LG left? I don't know but many fine soldiers do.

I stayed on because it gave me a career path that was not available to me in the early 90s. I am well educated but, by the time i was in my 10th year in the army or so, the choice was simple. Leave at the 12 year point with a small lump sum or push on until 22 years and get a decent pension. a rarity these days. At that point in my life ihad 18 month old twins and i was the breadwinner. My choice was simple to me.

So when people look at military personnel from all countries and capbadges, you will find that there is no one reason behind their motives. All i know is that even the ones i don't like i respect. Whatever your thoughts, know this. It's not easy.

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