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Default Fish People

It occured to me that the reptilians could be a distraction/cover for another potential ancient race of peoples who don't want to be discovered or they could exist also. Everyone looks back to the alleged dinosaur age and thinks that because they had such a large span of time on Earth compared with humans that perhaps they evolved to a level of self awareness and went underground. Well going along that thinking going back through our evolution we originally came from the oceans starting as some algae or some such thing so perhaps the real race we should be looking for is the fish people.
I notice the greys that are often reported have a dolphinish looking skin and their eyes seem similar to fish eyes seen commonly:

All this reminded me of something that George Bush Jr said about humans and fish coexisting peacefully presumably talking about fishing or somesuch to obvious appearances but perhaps he had a different more hidden meaning and was trying to communicate something to another race or group.

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