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Originally Posted by infp View Post
1960's early 70's technology, are you serious?
The Russians have mirrors on the moon. Placed by the Luna 17 in 1970.

It was unmanned of course because the Russians played the game based on what they had the technology to do unlike the Americans who needed to first score propaganda points by any means necessary, even using deception and fraudulently claiming to have landed on the moon.

They were well ahead in the space race until miraculously Americans appeared to 'land' on the moon.

First satelite in space, first man in space, first orbit, FIRST MISSION to the moon.

All Ruskis.

The Russians were at least 5 years ahead of the Americans. The Russians had landed a probe on the moon and taken photos in 1959. It wasn't until 1964 that the Americans managed the same feat.

But at least the Americans know how to make sci-fi movies...

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