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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Moon rocks from earth

The differences in supposed moon rocks and rocks found on our earth are only slight.

They’re so very slight that one could argue that the supposed moon rocks were never found on the moon but found right here on earth...
You could if it were true, but it is a lie.

1. The rocks show evidence for formation in lower gravity.
2. They contain billions of years of solar isotope impregnation.
3. Many have zap pits from micrometeoroid impacts.
4. They have ZERO terrestrial weathering.
……….not doing it all again.

Last month it was reported that Jeremy Bellucci analysed a rock that the Apollo 14 astronuts in 1971 brought back from the moon. Bellucci and his team found out that it´s highly unlikely that the rock was indeed formed on the moon, but that it makes perfect sense that it instead formed on Earth.
What makes this discovery even more amazing, is that it has been dated older, 4.011 billion years old, than any rock that has ever been found and analysed on earth...
There's a whole bloody thread on this !!

It was not a "rock", it was a tiny clast fragment barely 2 grams from a rock containing all the attributes above(FROM THE MOON) weighing 9kg!!

Even if it would be possible for a rock on earth to be ejected from the earth with an escape velocity of 40,270 km/h and landing on the moon, which is even more difficult to believe than rocks reaching an escape velocity of 8500 km/h from the moon, it would still seem impossible, statistically speaking, that an earth rock found on the moon would be older than any rock discovered on earth:
(archived here:
Gibberish. Escape velocity is easy from incoming 40-50k mph meteor collision.

Point me to where the clast fragment was dated.

This isn´t the first time that it was discovered that a supposed moon rock, was actually an earth rock...

In August 2009, it was found out that a moon rock given to former Dutch prime minister Willem Drees by the Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 was nothing more than petrified wood.
After Drees died in 1988, the rock was donated to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and put on display: [url]
How many more times must this complete spam be posted on this forum like a cat with the trots, skittering all around the house

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