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Default Crystal Gardening

Was reading this article and thought I would share it on here.

Crystal Gardening

Who da thunk it!! It is getting to be that time of year in this neck of the woods to head outside and plant for the season. Hopefully Mother Nature will start to cooperate as we are having two nights close to freezing point. I have already started a few things inside in a mini greenhouse with the hopes that they can soon betaken outside and offered to Mother Earth. Still waiting patiently for Mother Nature to Balance herself out temperature wise. After receiving my Crystal Healing Certification recently, I kept feeling a tug from my Guides to incorporate crystals into the garden this year. I have dappled with crystals by setting them near and in plants. I saw some pretty amazing effects they can have on the growth and health of the plant. I am guided to share with you how I will be doing it and the Crystals I will be using. After research of and feeling on this, I chose two. Two, that in my feeling, are quite Powerhouses and of great benefit to the Young plants as I offer their growth to Mother Earth . . . .

The rest of the article can be found here;

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