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Originally Posted by acharlatani View Post
Cheers for that. I'm in oz so this may make things more difficult. Trial and error I guess....
Don't spray is still key, unless things are extremely out of control for some reason nature will always rebalance its self. Tobbaco spray, detergent all work but if you spray you might be killing food for the predators about to turn up en mass. You have to observe and like you said reagard it as trial and error.

The best thing I have found to 'spray' your plants with is compost tea. May repel some creatures but it makes your plants grow so fast you wont care about the odd creature on there
Look into Permaculture, to some degree it orginated in Oz so check out videos from Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. There are things you could take directly from them like what plants to grow together etc.

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