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Originally Posted by subdermal_secret View Post
Love the thead. really great information so far. What I'd be interested in seeing is a discussion of the many different references to reptilians in the Bible. I spent about four years intensely studying the Bible with an awakened perspective. I believe that there is a detailed microcosm of the current struggle between humanity and the NWO reptilians, and the history of the people of Israel. I believe the modern ashkinazi zionist Nation of Israel is more akin to the giant Caananite tribes that occupied palestine than the twelve tribes of Jacob. Jesus mentions the "seed of the serpent", and assures his disciples that they shall trample of serpents and scorpions (i.e. overcome the reptilian overlords). I don't want to get ahead of myself but there are plenty of examples in scripture which could be used as tools in enlightening members of a mostly brainwashed major world religion. Even mentioning the Bible may leave a bad taste in the mouth of some readers but bear in mind that rituals in groups like the skull and bones society are specifically satanic in nature, not to mention the Bible's several references to Moloch, the owl god of Bohemian Grove. I believe the Bible may be an overlooked asset in understanding and overcoming these reptilians, not only in providing a means to waking up countless sleeping Christian sheep, but also in exposing certain weaknesses our adversaries posess.
feedback would be appreciated. I am prepared to share several examples in future posts. thanks for providing this thread!
Great first post! Welcome to the forum and thread. I look forward to your contributions.
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
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