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Originally Posted by mountainwarrior View Post
expect some comedy and expect some rants by me throughout this thread, i want some from you pound, speak your mind, more people will be able to relate if we act like our true selves, little mini rants and blogs throughout our posts, i want to hear your thoughts and feelings and all your little comedic comments, i get mad alot when i find out new evidence of reptilians, mind control, illuminati crime, i also laugh alot, and i mean alot, sometimes i cry when i find out some of these reptilian crimes against humanity, sometimes i laugh until i cry, sometimes i lose my mind and go crazy, a emotion the satanic bloodlines know well, psychopathic asshats.
Haha...Sure thing Mountain. I'm on board with you. I always wanted to see a thread like this. Thanks for stepping forward and getting the ball rolling. You've made some excellent posts yourself BTW and have brought to my attention a few things that I had no clue about either. You're doing an excellent job.

*I'll be back ASAP with more info. Stay tuned!
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
"The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know" -- George Simmel

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