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Originally Posted by aussiegirl View Post
honestly you guys think to much about the rockefellers and rothschild..they are not everything..
They are just parts of the puzzle, but hard to prove the NWO without them. If you want to, then please go ahead. To put everything together and show the time line of all this, and proving that it is there, then it is hard not to get around the subject of the Rothschild and Rockefeller family.

I have been posting in 2-3 other threads at the same time as this one, and most those posts do not even mention these families. They are not exactly my only focus. But due to this thread, I have begun researching them again, because most people seem to think there is nothing to it for some reason.

Apparently that is what makes most people just ignore this and ignoring what is really happening in the world. We are very much part of how mistreated countries in the Middle East are, just because they have oil and diamonds. Gangsters are outdated, today we have the UN, the World Bank, the EU and the US robbing smaller countries of what they have.

But sure, lets think about something else, we should not let their misery bother us. As long as they do not send suicide bombers our way everything is probably fine.

And do not take this the wrong way, this is not something to focus most of your time on, it is still worth paying attention to when you are choosing who to vote for and whatever else influence we have on our governments. Those supporting the World Bank and the wars the US are making, do not vote for them.
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