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Theatrical release poster..

1954 December 25 - Release date Pete Nelson, a smooth operator who has just been discharged from the Army, joins forces with his old buddy, the loud Jerome X..Hotchkiss, and together they join a circus..The Clyde Brent Circus, to be exact.. Jerry has taken a job as apprentice lion tamer.. He is set on being a circus clown, but his plans are squandered when they meet the circus manager Sam Morley and owner Jill Brent, who is also ringmaster..Later in the day Jerry and Pete are washing the elephants when Jill stops by to chat..Jerry sneaks into Puffo the Wonder Clown's tent and tries on his hats..One night while working in a custard stand..Pete and Jerry are overwhelmed by the crowd and lose control of the machine..Saadia, the Queen of the Trapeze, is up to perform..Morley then talks Jerry into becoming a human cannonball..Jerry is ecstatic, but one performer unhappy with Jerry’s big break is Puffo..The circus continues its tour..

New Moon Visible: 1% Age: 0.17 - The Stratocruiser was on a flight from Heathrow Airport, England to New York, US with scheduled stop-overs at Manchester Airport, in Northern England and Prestwick Airport in Scotland.. Due to the bad weather it was decided to fly directly to Prestwick and the flight was delayed while it waited for a Manchester passenger to be brought to London..The aircraft originally scheduled to operate the flight left Heathrow at 21:43 GMT but it returned to London at 22:53 with a mechanical problem, the passengers and crew were moved to another aircraft Cathay which left for Prestwick at 01:05 on 25 December..Only 4 of 25 passengers were booked onward to New York; the rest were to leave the flight at Prestwick..The 11 crew members were also due to be relieved at Prestwick and be replaced with a new crew..

Stratocruiser RMA Cambria..

Operating the same service in June 1954..

Saturnday, under the sign of Capricorn..It was 03:30 in driving rain when Cathay was about to land at Prestwick; it landed short of the runway forcing the port landing gear into the wing causing the aircraft to overturn and burst into flames..Of the 8 survivors, se7en were crew members who were thrown from the wreckage as it broke apart..28 people died including 10 women and 2 children..One of the men killed was the cricketer Kenneth Davidson..Born in Leeds, Yorkshire..A right-handed batsman, he scored 1,355 runs in all first-class cricket at an average of 31.51, and a highest score of 128 against Kent..His other century, 101, came against the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and he made se7en scores of 50 or over.. He bowled just 5 balls - 28 of the 36 on board were killed - WSFA TV channel 12 in Montgomery, AL (NBC) begins broadcasting... see men running around trying to put their dicks into everything, trying to make something happen...but it's WOMEN who are the source..the only power..Nature, birth, rebirth...

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