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Originally Posted by agincourt View Post
@Daisy , You forgot to add that this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is your opinion,,,

But you also didn't answer my question....WE know the mandela effect is real Ditto the Bible codes and the crop circles..So what make the OP vid any different...?

PS : . If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.
Sorry I didn't realise I was conversing with some that may not know how advanced technology has become. They can even take away wrinkles in movies - moving photoshop these days.
No I am not going to waste my time and make a fake video portal - I'd love to find a real one but what are the chances that it would look exactly like an adobe portal?
Hmmm let me see... possible if the makers of adobe portal actually saw a real portal - but common sense says they didn't and created it from movies etc..

Did anyone watch Dr. Strange and his portal? That's the same stuff right there except with a different colour opening circle.
And the light on the bed is for editing purposes it's an object to use as a marker for size and lighting effect colours etc...
Hey the guy has talent but I don't like liars we have enough of those out there already.

If I did make one I'd make it like the last video shown below and make someone's hand reach into the portal - that would freak you lot out ha ha...

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