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The Dutch state media have really outdone themselves this time to give Geert Wilders some additional media coverage.

They have made a great story about the cop Faris K. (of the DBB unit) that is suspected of leaking confidential information to Muslim criminals. The DBB protects amongst others politicians and the Royal family.
Faris was released from prison, last February 23.

Faris wasn’t on the team that protects Geert Wilders, but they have made a big story involving the PVV anyway.
To get the most result out of this incident the PVV has stopped making public appearances. Geert Wilders said that he will only resume campaigning after knowing what confidential information Faris leaked (in Dutch):

Wilders even compared his situation to the in 2002 murdered politician Pim Fortuyn; who wasn’t protected so you’ll understand it’s really the same.
The Dutch elections for the Tweede kamer will be on March 15.

Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
It was the jewish oligarchy who orchestrated the flooding of muslims into europe that has spurned the backlash

the jewish 'left' and the jewish 'right' are controlled by the same NWO oligarchs
As far as I can tell it's the bombing of the Middle East by USA, GB, Russia, the Netherlands, etc. that's a major cause for the Muslims flooding Europe.
If I understand correctly there is also famine in Syria (dropping bombs on food transports for peace) and Yemen.
Surely Israel is involved, but I think it's orchestrated from London where the Council of 5 resides.
And "Ashkenazi Jews" aren't Jews...
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