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Originally Posted by 0042oo View Post
But..."How to FIX The World?"
You will find the crowd here to be in denial!.

"You can not handle the truth" is the mantra you will adapt in no time as the course that David et al. set for the "Truther Movement" is direction-less.

The sermon of question everything only gets you to a point of questioning, the truth never easy to take and upholding a solution that accommodates everyone even more elusive.

As an example, to say the NWO is the culprit of all our ills is simply unintelligent. Order is required, the problem lies in who has the power from within the NWO, who dictates the agenda.

When the truther movement and the so called awakened come to comprehend the real problem, we might find that the answer is to have a NWO but create a system that gives the people the power of deciding the direction of this NWO.

That is why for most "they can not handle the truth".
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