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Originally Posted by hande View Post
Not really

1) Our OP is mistaken
2) Our OP is correct but his brother is completely unaware of this story and disbelieves the op

If someone claimed they were a person I had no idea existed and continued to try to make contact after I gad stated no dont believe you please leave me alone - I may be concerned that- the fixation isn't healthy and may if I keep rejecting him /her result in an escalation against my family.
In those circumstances I may seek to use the law to keep them away.

The OP may be perfectly polite and charming and not be doing anything incorrect behaviour wise. But I can see how it could concern the other party and even innocent actions can appear dark if the motive is miss understood.

My advice to the OP write a letter - leave it at that - If he accepts it and contacts all good.

If he doesn't - well assuming you are correct and it is your long lost brother - he has never been in your life - dont risk your health and well being trying to forge a relationship at such a late stage
Thank you for your comments. However, I did not have the chance to say what I believed was happening when I
sent a letter all I said was that I needed to meet on an issue of some importance I did not elaborate so clearly someone else does not want me to speak to him. Who knows what lies have been said? Until I meet him I do not know and clearly someone does not want that.
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