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4 TIX 12/22 Tori Amos Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
Now $666.00

had nothing to do with a replacement of a guitarist..educate yourself.

Why? Because the body and soul (stars need to sell their soul per contract) belongs to the agenda behind the industry of music & film and the people who control all this are not what you think they are. Hollywood is a place to present the newest clones to sell them. Very rich people of the elite and closed society are buying clones of models and stars for sexual reasons and this idea to clone perfect looking people and sell them is the market that makes the most sales. Most members of such closed societys that belong to the richest ones got a cloned Christina Aguilera or a cloned Carolina Ardohain in their villa quarter. This market is the reason why so much fashion and nude pictures of models and stars exist, to sell their cloned versions. There's even a picture of Jessica Alba in bikini with the title "Out For Sale" and this picture shooting was for a famous magazine.

After reading and doing more research, I've come to the conclusion that around 1998 Tori was replaced. You haven't seen the real Tori Amos in years, because she was replaced by doubles and also made into a robotoid.

Here is an example from a newspaper a true article.

Murray Foster Missing in Toronto; Replaced by a Robot

TORONTO (AP) – Murray Foster, bass player and vocalist for Toronto Indie group Moxy Früvous, was recently discovered to be a robot. The FosterBot was discovered while performing at C’est What? in Toronto with local singer-trumpeter and all-around “hottie” Tory Cassis. A spokesperson for Moxy Früvous’ management, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that Foster was actually reported missing in December 1998 and the robot was constructed to keep the band’s rabid fan-base happy. “Jian, Mike and Dave were afraid of what would happen if it were discovered that Murray had vanished, so they suggested the robot.” The robot idea worked quite well until the band’s release of their final full-length album “Thornhill,” when it was suggested by some in the rabid fan “community” that Murray had indeed been abducted and all photos of him in the album’s notes were actually those of his look-alike replacement. Joe Navratil of Campbell, CA, spoke to reporters today at a news conference, “The real früheads knew that Murr had been abducted and the remaining guys were just covering it up.” Mr. Navratil said however, that he has no idea as to the whereabouts of the missing bassist. Toronto police have taken two suspects in the Foster kidnapping into custody. The suspects are Fiona Gardiner and Andrea Eves, both of Toronto. Police are currently questioning the self-professed “früheads” in the matter. Eves is reported to have been heard shouting to reporters, “We don’t have the Mur-man, that Snow has him.”

And who knows..Tori was the kind of person who talked women's rights, always wore jeans on stage, refused to be a fashion priss..which she stated -I'm a natural and just being myself.-
So maybe she just became missing, because she was a real smart woman to know that when there's something wrong with the picture not to stick around. Maybe she got out while she could and so they had to keep the fans happy and keep them big bucks rolling in.
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