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Originally Posted by beldazar View Post
lol, yeah...well I don't know!
OI! What do you mean 'have it in for the sun, lol well if it's responsible them maybe....but my most favourite pastime ever is basking under the rays.
Didn't they try bombing it not long ago and seemed disappointed with the results?
Can't wait to read it but I hope that it doesn't get more pages added once I have finished it!
Oh so now she can't stand for it! I always knew you would back down when confronted with your sun-hating. Acting all righteous and innocent now, aren't we little-miss-Snowwhite!(!!1!... ect )

Lol, they actually tried to bomb the sun?? Thats beyond pathetic. I think thats very symbolic of the scales in this so called battle...

So he adds pages, hmm? Maybe I shall have to wait a bit after all.
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