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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
The first casualty of war is truth.

Trump wants to escalate as he cannot stand it, he cannot get what he wants with his missiles. You can be sure many were taken down.

But trump is making false boasts.

He wants it escalated as many of the missiles again never got to there targets. Trump has done this twice in a year now, and still did not get what he wanted.

Those missile strikes were nothing more then international terrorism.

I think they got what they wanted.

Although perhaps more calling out of their obvious acts of corruption than they wanted to escape and thought more of us would keep quiet and not have called out and spread just what’s taking place.

They wanted chaos and to suggest to us that no signs of chemicals can be traced now because the “coalition” of the west have blown them all to kingdom come.
Even if some of them missles didn’t get through, they can suggest those that did blew up the chemical agents as planned and no ones the wiser in the Chaos because genuinely there were no targets to hit so it didn’t matter if any missles had been stopped...

If any “experts” go in there, they can say it’s too dangerous following this attack and have to wait, then they go in and say enough time has passed now that even if there had been any evidence of chemical agents being used, it’s possible they’ve gone, been destroyed etc etc
However, we have found containers that could potentially contain chemical weapons...


It’s Iraq WMD all over again and aluminium tubes...


Just pipes that could hold and be used for anything just as containers that could be there or be placed their could in reality contain anything from water to fossil fuels, but the PTB would still suggest, they could contain chemical agents.


However, trucks stealing oil from Syria, transporting them through Turkey and into Europe, in trucks designed to carry oil, are said by the same crowd that no those trucks could be transporting anything. Suggesting anything but Oil...

Russia unveils 'proof' Turkey's Erdogan is smuggling Isis oil across border from Syria
Moscow publishes satellite images purporting to show Turkish trucks filling up in Isis-controlled Iraq and Syria

This is how stupid they think we are and keep treating the public!

I’d suggest people watch this movie as the specific clip of aluminium tubes on YouTube is conveniently no longer available...

Danny Edwards
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