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The photo is from Timothy Good's book 'Unearthly Disclosure' which he claims has undergone scientific studies which ruled out conventional explanations.

Heres some more info about the pic :

This is an impressive photo, and it's already been analyzed in several parts of the world. I quote from the latest report by researchers Richard Haines and Jacques Valle:

"In summary, our analyses have suggested that an unidentified, opaque, aerial object was captured on film at a maximum distance of 10,000 feet. There are no visible means of lift or propulsion and no surface markings other than dark regions that appear to be nonrandom... There is no indication that the image is the product of a double exposure or a deliberate fabrication." [Haines, and Vallee, 1989].

A high resolution camera was mounted on the plane pointing downwards, and programmed to take photographs of the terrain below every 17 seconds. It shows in extraordinary detail all features of the landscape (water, shoreline, trees, etc.) and you'll notice how it was determined that the object (about 600+ ft. or 200 meters in diameter was coming into the water from right to left at an angle of approximately 30° in relation to the surface of the water. The area covered is approximately 7 miles across.

Heres is the full photo :

There has also been many eye witness reports from locals and fisherman of craft entering and leaving Lake Cote.

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