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Originally Posted by notbuyingit View Post
Really? Spoon licks, to make everyone start chanting? In front of Mr Y?
Also it shows that you haven't read the thread otherwise you would know that their father also punished the children with spoon licks
Ok. My understanding is that the father is a complete deadbeat.
I have no problem accepting that he may have physically abused the kids. He may have even sexually abused them. How would i know?

What i do have a problem with is that upto 40 adults per day where dancing around a classroom chopping babies heads off and even getting the pupils to join in committing the murders, and then them going off to macdonalds to have baby macs (or whatever).
Is it my fault if i tell people to go jump off a bridge that some dumb asses actually go jump!? - John Strangis 28/12/13

There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.

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