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Originally Posted by notbuyingit View Post
Then do you have a logical explanation as to how this spontaneous chanting BEGAN? Manipulation is being made through this omission methinks. And too much chanting? How much is too much?
the fact finding hearing took ca 2 weeks. it was supposed to be secret. the only reason why we have the judgement is probably due to the fact of the hysteria and the leaking of some documents which have given a skewered perspective. I imagine the judge made the judgement for precisely that reason, to give some balance. perhaps she even says so.

It is unreasonable to expect the whole of the entire evidence presented to be transcribed here. it is the pertinent bits that have been picked out. if you are calling for a re-investigation, will you trust anyone to make a judgement for you?

and there is enough there to show yes it is too much chanting, for it to have ever have been an attempt to alleviate distress. it could only be reinforcing with that level of excitement and repeating going on.

i believe in time more material will come out that will wipe out any doubts.

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