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Here is a comment below from Dr Sally Baker's blog, an ongoing excellent blog that covers most of the subject matter on this thread.

Sally Baker says:
June 2, 2018 at 11:01 am

The Daily Post are greatly excited at the imprisonment of Bryan Davies, the former Deputy Head of a children’s home at Llangollen, for 22 years for historical sex offences against the children in the home. Yes, Davies is one of those whose crimes form part of the subject matter of this project.

Bryan Davies is 71. The CPS have praised the bravery of those who gave evidence and noted that they have waited decades for justice.

Why did the brave wait decades for justice? Because the CPS ignored ALL the evidence that Davies and his mates were causing havoc. Hundreds and hundreds of complaints, all ignored.

A 71 yr old molester is behind bars.

Douglas Hurd, who ran the Home Office whilst it concealed the deaths in Risley Remand Centre of the kids who were molested by Davies and his mates, is sitting in the Lords.

The others who covered up for Bryan Davies are running the NHS. Or sitting in the High Courts.

Glad we’ve got justice CPS. Pity so many hung themselves in Risley on the way there. Or were killed in car crashes. Or were found dead after ‘committing suicide’. Or found their houses going up in flames.

Dafydd and Lucille are still running the biggest drugs charidee in Wales.

Yma O Hyd!

Anyone for dropping a bomb on the UK medical establishment? They have an awful lot of explaining to do. Complaint after complaint after complaint. Er – GMC? Bluglass?? Remember stating that Dafydd and others were ‘caring people’ who were being ‘harassed’ by me? A vicious paedophile ring – and the CPS who colluded are now patting themselves on the back because one 71 yr old man – whom they knew about 35 yrs ago – has now been jailed.

What a farce.
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