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Arrow RIP Marcel Vervloesem. 7th Oct. 1952 - 22nd Jan. 2018.

Originally Posted by greatdayforfreedom View Post
First time I've clicked on this thread for a very long time. It's sad to see it now, I remember a time when I had to click back pages and pages to keep up with all the posts that were incessantly coming every day.
Just to let everyone know that key Belgian activist Marcel Vervloesem sadly passed away, aged 65, towards the end of last month. I have started a dedicated thread to Marcel in the 'Obituaries' forum, for anyone who wishes to pay their respects or add anything else.

Hi greatdayforfreedom. This thread definitely helped to shift the consciousness of an awful lot of people in the U.K.. The fallout from the inevitable Brexit con on the horizon will no doubt cause another major consciousness shift, when it comes to just how fake our so called 'democracy' really is. It is mass consciousness that helps to shape societies. Will it be enough to help initiate major change here? I don't know, but we will all find out soon enough...

Originally Posted by teardropexplodes View Post
I remember in the early days of the thread a lot of people had the idea that this was going to change the world, bring down the gov't etc. I was certain all along that nothing would happen. I wonder what their motivations were in putting all of this out in the Zionist controlled media? The whole thing is a highly sophisticated operation, that's for sure.
No way man, it was people on this thread, plus on similar threads on other forums and blogs etc.., who helped put an awful lot of stuff out there and who connected plenty of dots. The big PTB operation was pushing the mass media into overdrive to cover all the crucial stuff up. Bits and bobs came out here and there, but they were rarely followed right through or established as being part of a wider network. With that in mind, we all have to be very grateful to Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale. He successfully concluded Operation Conifer, then alerted the general public to the fact that Ted Heath would/should have been interviewed under criminal caution.
I still love the masons! Be proactive; believe in change and everyone; trust no one.
I'm a glorifed sheepon so don't mess. Thus spoke numnuts. Exposing 'morons' & shills since 2006.
With a critical mass of conscious, good-hearted people I care not who makes laws or prints money.
Are you selling out your own sons, daughters, nephews and nieces? Good job! Bellboy!

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