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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
It's anything but bad for you - it is one of the most important medicines - it is not hemp that is ingested as medicinal - only pure hemp oil extracts (unless it comes from big pharma).

It is a fact that the strain of cannabis used for industrial purposes only (eg: fibres) may contain heavy metals. This does not apply to the other strains being discussed on this thread, as it is not used as medicine.
Maybe You misunderstand me. Some of the extracts are made from hemp and some of those has been tested to have bad stuff as heavy metals in it. And I am pretty sure the oil from Christian Mærsk is made with hemp ( the strain also used for rope/fibre) So dont talk to me as if I am retarded please.

I am danish like Christian Mærsk and I am very much into this subject ( look at My avatar ) so I have read a thing or two about Christian Mærsk.
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