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Cannabis has been around for 1000s of years and was used in ancient civilizations for medical/healing purposes essentially and recreational purposes occasionally. Past researches have shown that it has a wide and far reaching applications for a wide spectrum of diseases. This didn't sit well with the pHARMa industry and the darkenati. So, they set out doing what they have always done and will always do -invert and distort everything- promote and overhype the psychoactive aspect of the plant, give it a more "appropriate" promotional name -marijuana- and completely bury the medical and healing aspects; this is no conspiracy, it's a relentless, ruthless plan of action.
A study was conducted in the late 1960s, among cannabis smokers and was found that cannabis smokers have less than 10% chances of getting lung cancer while tobacco smokers have a +50% of getting the disease.

With pressure from people and users, many states in the US and BC in Canada have legalized cannabis over the years and more and more people are turning to it for healing purposes. I remember when i would visit a cannabis store in 2014 1)Rick Simpson oil was not well known and the majority of buyers were young adults buying the herb for recreational purposes.
Today the market has changed, I find a number of older people (50+) buying cannabis for health purposes, THC and CBD oils have become very popular, some stores have even made their own improved versions.

The bad news: as I said above there is no conspiracy, there is a ruthless plan. Having realized that it's getting too popular, the darkenati have been working quietly and relentlessly on creating a synthetic version that will of course, like all pharma drugs, cure nothing and harm. And guess who has pioneered this 'brilliant' invention.... Monsanto. Will come a day when cannabis growers will not be allowed to grow the natural plant and users will need a prescription to buy the fake stuff at a pharmacy.

Reg your fiancee: she needs to get the THC and CBD oils. If she is working, take the THC in the evening and the CBD in the morning. Start very low dose and increase gradually.
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