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Originally Posted by bridgeeteyes View Post
May I take this opportunity to seek forgiveness from all who have interacted with me here. I am truly sorry if I have mislead any on this site. I came on here thinking I knew the answer to the Universe, God and everything. I claimed that I had knowledge of why many men and women will not awaken. I have since realized I infact knew nothing of the sort. The more I think I know about life, the Source and the Universe the more I realize I know nothing. My mind thought it knew, it infact had experienced nothing of the ultimate truth.

I had experienced nothing of the ultimate true workings of the absolute divine and can only apologize for claiming I did. I humbly offer you all my apologies and can only hope you will accept them. Please know I have learnt from this experience that at all times we should strive to tell the truth. I should not have posted the things I did, and I am truly sorry if I mislead any of you.

My Heart compelled me to write my initial post and it compels me now to ask for forgiveness. The more I seek through study, meditation and thinking and think I know the workings of the absolute divine, the more I realize I do not. I should not have allowed my ego to think it knew better than any on here, because it did not. We are all here to learn and I think the best teacher should be our inner teacher, I should not have thought I had the knowledge to teach and lead others. This lesson has been a very painful one and I can only hope I did not cause any pain to others here. If I did cause any pain and suffering, please know that I am truly sorry for this. This apology is also to anyone's friends and family I may have indirectly or directly effected.

I have also asked the absolute Source for its forgiveness , it is in its hands now. Its Will be done, not my will.



Although your first post was a beautiful energy. This one is real because this one is you, you are a beautiful being. I dont know if we have had interactions, if you want forgiveness its yours, forgive yourself, its the most beautiful gift that you can send to yourself. Know also there is nothing to forgive.
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