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The following speaks of the Second Death, Hell and the
darkness associated with it. Hell is a black hole, where those
thereunto sentenced will be made to descend within. The
manuscript identified as Manuscript? of The Testament of Amram
(4Q543, 545-548) reveals that ―all the sons of Darkness will be
made Dark,‖ and that ―the sons of Darkness will be destroyed‖
being ―destined for Darkness and death and destruction.‖
The Thanksgiving Scroll from Qumran calls the human
body an ―abode of darkness.‖ Darkness translates as
electromagnetic waves not of the visible light spectrum.
Remember, what is not light is darkness.
In the parable of The Wiles of the Wicked Woman (4Q184),
the ―wicked woman‖ is associated with ―darkness‖ and ―silence‖
and ―everlasting flames.‖ ―She does not associate with those who
shine.‖ ―She causes the meek…to put vanity in their hearts so that
they do not stay on the path of righteousness. She seeks to lead
men to the paths of the Pit.‖ ―Her paths are the paths to evil…Her
paths are the paths to death…her trails lead toward
wickedness…her doors are the doors of Death…through her
doorway is Hell. Those who enter there will never return, and
those who partake of her will fall into the Pit.‖ This is the way of
darkness, the way of the wicked, of dark paths, of dark waves (as
opposed to the Way of Jesus, itself a visible light-stream). See also
Constitutions of the Holy Apostles Book I Section II ―Concerning a
Bad Woman‖ from The Anti-Nicene Fathers: Fathers of the Third
and Fourth Centuries concerning this subject.
The Freemasons say this on the subject:
―The lion (a symbol encountered in his dream) symbolizes the
creative energy which misused destroys. It thus enslaves the soul
to the senses, making it a captive of its appetites while on earth, and
after death still bound to earth by the magnetic ties of its own
desires.‖ (See Ancient Masonry C.C. Zain 1994 p. 257). This
concept is also evidenced in the writings of the East. The Diamond
Sutra speaks of ―people fettered with desire.‖ Those in this way
fettered are quite possibly being held back and bound by their
attraction to the Earth‘s magnetic poles. In effect, unable to escape
the bonds of the Earth, the soul in such a way bound will disappear
with the Earth into the black hole called Hell. The following
scripture speaks of this process:
―The light of my countenance becomes dark, and my splendor
(brightness/brilliance) is transformed to gloom
(darkness/shadow…strife and…contention…enter my bones,
causing my spirit to stumble (halting/unsteady) and putting an end
to my strength (degree of intensity (of color/light/sound); causing
the decrease of the frequency of the (light?) wave); or, ability to
withstand force/pressure/stress; or, ability to resist)…I have been
bound (indicates the creation of a boundary (limit: the point at which
something ends or beyond which it becomes something else; possibly speaks of the
creation of a magnetic field) outside of which it cannot safely travel?)
with ropes (dark waves) which cannot be pulled loose, and with
fetters (a confinement) which cannot be broken (split
apart/separated/destroyed). A strong wall (an impenetrable
structure that acts as a boundary) surrounds me; iron bars and
bronze gates which cannot be opened. My prison is reckoned
within the deep without escape…the torrents (indicative of a
flow (of electrons?)) of Belial encompass (encircle) my soul…‖ -
The Thanksgiving Scroll from Qumran (the sound waves darken the light in matter?)
(acting on an atomic or cellular level) (this also explains the creation of matter) (―Whoso is
caught in the bonds of this world, is a gainer if he escape from its forces…‖ The Enclosed
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