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[/QUOTE]"then it deserves to survive" - a bit arrogant, don't you think
these movements are so balance, giving bits of pure truth balanced out with fear shit
and not realizing it.[/QUOTE]

yea that is totally arrogant, still, i get the warm belly feeling from them so i'll stick with it. but hey, i ken what you mean, you never get TOTAL truth OR total bull shit from any one source. it's something i've had to learn to be very careful of over the years (you know, you read or hear something that resonates and you take everything said as read, not good, but what we've been trained into). i really just posted it because i read a book of Davids recently and it mentioned that if anyone knew of any group things going on to put them on the website. think it's the grouping that matters most. i send out love (and send in love, when i can hear the reptile voice in me) all the time, but we can't do this thing individually (what ever 'this thing' is because i still don't feel that we really know what it is. just ot to follow that ol' heart i guess, and see where we end up :/ )
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