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Originally Posted by marny View Post
As much as we respect DI, people just don't want to know about Lizards and any association is just a waste of time imo .
That's why i think we need another point in between with a different name.

Originally Posted by bellahunter View Post
It's certainly worth a try. Much as I like and respect David the mere mention of his name is enough to bring about ridicule from people you are tring to enlighten.

Maybe there are different 'ways in' for everyone.

Some might prefer the smack around the head approach of Spivey, or maybe the more subtler Brian gerrish, the raw emotion of bill Maloney etc

Courses for horses!

So... Does anybody else like the Contact point and Business cards idea?

Or rather anybody that doesn't like it?

I'm willing to put a lot of work in to it. If anybody wants to help then that would be great?

The thing is we need permission to go ahead and create and promote it between us.

I don't want anybody to think this is about off-site BS again. It's about getting people here.

It's about a simple way to hand out an info point without printing/carrying too much.

It's about giving people a central locale to go to start their journey.

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