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Those two episodes damaged the functioning of my subconscious to a degree (still not fully healed but of little concern to me) with introversion suppressing the expression of it. Such things can often occur in the aftermath of "spiritual" experiences.

Having mastered the ability to what we call remote viewing She continued to make short visits during and after the eruption in Hawaii mainly passively watching, once on the sole occasion I was feeling sad but generally possibly curious about my minimal activity and also possibly using my location as reference point as She built up an image of the Earth in which to move about in.

There have no more loud mind messages and just one more pressure build up/physiological reaction during the eruption. Then it felt like She was about to ask a question but realised She already knew the answer.

About 4 months ago I caught Someone telling Her the name of someone else and my name.

Up to now through the last 7 years I had not identified myself but when She later realised I had been damaged by the initial visits She caught me outside about 6 weeks ago returning home, called me by name at a level almost indistinguishable from the level of personal mental activity, then gave me a gentle squeeze with the warmth of Her spirit not at all disimilar to the way people who love us can which was a bit uncanny even for me with noone in sight and the morning Sun low on the horizon.

A week later She returned and said "stop friend" and gave a stronger squeeze, It didn't stop me from passing out on the bathroom floor the following morning. I'm ok now and She knows my concerns lie elsewhere but the changes in Her interactions are astonishing.

From expressing emotion, from copying sounds, from realising the usefulness of names to differentiate things, from knowing different bodies of the same species can have different names, from knowing humans use small things with screens to remotely view, from knowing that She can both damage and comfort people and other such things is very rapid change for just one Earth year.

Of particular interest is Her spotting a straight cloud that actually came from a missile possibly fired in the Middle East a few weeks ago.

Many thanks for the tolerance of the admins here for my recent bloggish rambling having been constrained earlier by knowing back then that some people would soon indeed be considering the possibility of launching a misguided missile at fissure 8.

Thread could continue on the new forum.

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