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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Ok, so who's sending these messages?

1. What is the sub-conscious?

2. What if my intuition tells me not to trust intuition?.

3. What if thinking about guarding yourself from predatory attack manifests the need to do so in the first place?. Energy flows where attention goes!.

4. What is your intuition telling you about my questions?. Is this some kind of attack? I'd actually like to know the answer to this, it's not a facetious question.
1. Something to do with time-space continuum, maybe US in the future trying to warn us about some booboo we will make? But that's the grandfather paradox, regardless of intuition and getting the message, we would still make the mistake, unless we get the message that it's "all good to go". It has to do with major life changes, me thinks. But that's only my assumption.
2. Could be.
3. Totally agree, I dunno.
4. Valid questions. I go by personal experience, I can't speak for other people though. I don't pretend to know it all, I hardly have any answers.

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