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Found a report on Aldebarans dating back in 69, which I remember reading they made a referrence to the star Atlas as their people's ancestry:

Location: Near La Coruña Spain
Date: 1969
Time: evening

Brother and sister Olga & Manuel Lombao 5 & 7 years of age respectively had gone to a nearby store with a baby sitter, when Olga found herself standing outside the store by herself. Looking up towards the sky she noticed a bright light descending at high speed. As it got closer she could see that it was a large circular object encircled in bright lights.

She ran into the store to notify the baby sitter but found everyone inside, except for her brother in an apparent state of suspended animation. They both went outside and noticed that the object had landed nearby. From a luminous tube-like extension located at the base of the object, two tall man-like figures wearing tight-fitting flyer-like outfits descended to the ground.

The two beings beckoned the witnesses to come closer and invited them inside the craft. Inside they were taken inside a large room with numerous monitors. The beings told the young girl that they came form the star system “Aldebaran,” showing them a star map. Before leaving the object they were told that they were going to meet again.
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