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[QUOTE=berten60;1063051774]It is hypocritical to legalize alcohol which causes many deaths,
and keep cannabis illegal which so far killed no one.

Jake Ball:
"That drug needs banning, and I am not someone who like banning stuff,
but the reality is, is that it fucks people up, and fucks up everyone who
they come into contact with."

you must be talking about alcohol,Jake... [/QUO


Alcohol has never been illegal for it to be legalized. Alcohol has been in the culture before the idea of government was conceived. It is heavily regulated with the law being quite harsh on it.

Cannabis is imported. Not native to the UK and has no place as a recreational drug here.

Medicinal purposes, perhaps.

Any claim that it has so far killed no one requires proof. So in your own time. It does have an effect on some people. I know that as fact and if I was even interested enough to listen to the pro cannabis lobby then I'd be sure they'd not dwell on that too much if it was admitted. Of course it would be compared to alcohol which quite rightly is known to cause death, illness and crime.

Makes me wonder why another drug should be considered for legalisation at all. Even the most zombified, retarded stoner should see that.
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