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When these lying scumbags have it all sown up, Hemp will be 'decriminalized' and its usage controlled and the posters here who are educated by the media will accept it as a natural progression forgetting their instilled view of the 'druggies'

I mean some call pot users "paranoid psychopaths' like they have a degree in psychology to say this.

Paranoid.... what we 'normals' call irrational fear..
Psychopath... acting without any conscience towards ones fellow human. Generally in an antisocial behavior resulting in real injuries. Bullying to get ones way regardless of the consequences.

Sorta describes Politicians aptly?

Alcohol incites drunken abusive behavior which IS psychopathic.

Pot heads do not have a irrational fear of the Elites... its ENTIRELY RATIONAL.

But you get these word meaning confusions wheresheeple get their education from Elite Sponsored media.
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