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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Of course it's not right ...SHE is not the channeler .. she is asking questions of a channeler , if you had watched one second of the video you would see that ....
Ahh I see, some bloke on yootub, who says he "channels" stuff, says he is talking to this dead guy, and he was working on something for the soopah sekret space program. Is that right?

Sounds way more convincing now it's a bloke doing it. And yes, I didn't watch it. Time spent watching that will never be got back

But that's typical , you have done no research on anything , you just have a lot of bigoted opinions and preconceived ideas , based on no understanding ...
No it's not typical at all. I usually have a good watch or a decent flick. In this case it started off as obvious shite. No wonder you bought into this "research" I bow to your well thought out "understanding"

Now the rest of my post, the bit at the end maybe...……?

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