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Originally Posted by venividivici2311 View Post
Has anybody ever seen an orb in real life,i mean not via pictures???
I notice allot of people who took pics of orbs didn't notice them until they saw the picture,so it could easily be dust or something on the lens.

I took a picture of some orbs a few weeks ago,posted them,nothing special,but me myself became skeptic because i've only seen them on the pictures and not in real life,afterwards i really do think it was just dust.
Yep, I seen one - a big one, about the size of a beach ball!

It was when I was about 12 years old (I think). I went to my bedroom and it just sat there, perfectly still in the corner of the room. I had never heard of Orbs and I didn't know what it was but it was blue-green in colour and it made no sound or smell.

Looking for an explanation, my first thought was that it was because of moonlight shinning through a gap in the curtains but when I looked through the window (which was facing a field), it was jet black outside, no moonlight or any light at all coming from outside.

That's when I got scared and ran out of the room. When I went back a bit later, it had gone. I didn't dare tell mum and dad about it...
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