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Originally Posted by spoons View Post
That it's being exposed is a good thing, however this feels like the cheese on a mousetrap.

Each new revelation seems to be a step further away from the elite and a step closer to joe public and the closer it gets to joe public, the more the media cover it and the less of a coverup there is (or at least appears to be.)

In other words, as I have said many times, this is probably being used to steer the whole thing onto joe public where a "massive problem" will be mysteriously found that necessitates "drastic measures" such as children raised by the state.
In many respects Spoons, we're all raised by the state. From the moment our parents place us in nursery school, primary school, secondary school, and on, we are wards of the state. From 9-4, Monday to Friday (except holidays), the state feeds us, educates us, punishes us, and moulds our character. Then they use us to build society. It doesn't always work out and, like any production line, there are rejects, but the state takes care of them too.
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